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The Warehouse Process

Monday– The morning is usually a pretty hectic one at HQ. We have received anywhere between 50 – 500 tents back from expeditions over the weekend. These all need to be unpacked, checked, dried and repacked before they leave our warehouse for expeditions the following weekend. Mondays are mainly spent organising everything into areas of; Wet, Dry and Unused. Alongside of all of this we have Gas, Stoves and Maps coming back so as I’m sure you can imagine, it can get pretty chaotic.

We also double check our ‘Kit Board’ for the week ahead, to make sure nothing has changed in the last 7 days that we need to know urgently. This could be anything from Instructors moving expedition to a client requiring different amounts of equipment.

Tuesdays/Wednesdays –Firstly we make sure everything is dry, then it is a case of checking the following;

  • Inners (Clearing rubbish and grass)
  • Outers (Zips & Guy Lines)
  • Pegs 16-20 per tent
  • Poles – replace any broken/bent poles
  • Bags – We use 2-3 bags for our tents. An inner bag, an flysheet bag and a larger outer bag (confusing I know). 

Once tents are all in check they get added to our racks so that we know can pick them from there to give to our instructors.

Alongside this, we are planning for expeditions 2 weeks in advance making sure that we are covered for everything and knowing how it is getting to and from expeditions with the help of our lovely instructors!

The Warehouse Process

Thursdays/Fridays – are a case of making sure all the equipment is ready on our racks for instructors to collect or for us to deliver to start points. Here we have to make sure that every group has a minimum of 2 stoves, 2 camping gas canisters, a map and 2 tents (numbers depending). This weekend we have over 1000 students out across 13 different expeditions, this could result in us seeing up to 200 groups on DofE all across the country.

And it all starts again Monday!

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