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Yugen Explore Reusable Water Bottle Tote Bag & Spork – Save the Planet Pack



Why not help the environment with our Save the planet pack including reusable steel water bottle, canvas tote bag and spork. You’ll be saving 10% when you buy all three as part of the bundle:

  • Yugen Explore – Planet Canvas Bag
  • Yugen Explore – Steel Water Bottle
  • Yugen Explore Spork

Yugen Explore - Planet Canvas Bag

Help save the planet with Yugen's cotton canvas tote bag ideal for your shopping, to take to the beach on holiday or travelling or for everyday use.

For too long we as humans have used single use plastics and not thought of the consequences or impact on the environment. It's time to re-think plastics and use an alternative. Rome wasn't built in a day but one small thing we can all do to help is stop using disposable plastic carrier bags. It's killing our Oceans, Marine life and ultimately damaging our health. More than 8 million tonnes of plastics are dumped into our oceans each year and over 90% of all seabirds have plastic in their stomachs.... shocking right?

The next time you go shopping just think, have I got my canvas bag with me? Do I really need yet another plastic carrier bag to throw away or put in the cupboard? The answer is probably not. 

For more information on how plastics are affecting our Oceans visit Plastic Oceans website https://plasticoceans.org

Yugen Explore - Steel Water Bottle

The perfect environmentally friendly water bottle for travelling, hiking and outdoor adventures.

Help to rid the planet of single use plastic bottles and use a reusable alternative. It's cost effective and so much better for the environment. 

Yugen Explore Spork

Ideal for travelling or camping, this plastic spork is lightweight and compact with a spoon on one side, a fork on the other and a perforated edge to use as a knife. 

Sporks are lighter than metal cutlery and better for the environment than disposable cutlery.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Multifunctional; spoon, fork and knife
  • Intended for multiple use 
  • Can be taken through airport security
  • Made from plastic