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Rucksack, Sleeping Bag & Sleeping Mat Bundle: DofE Silver & Gold Essentials

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Save £25 with our DofE Silver & Gold Essentials Bundle which includes the following Rucksack, Sleeping Bag & Sleeping Mat:

  • Vango Contour 50:60S Rucksack
  • Vango Latitude 300 Sleeping Bag
  • Vango Trek 3 Compact Sleeping Mat

Vango Contour 50:60S Rucksack

Designed for backpackers and explorers on multi-night expeditions, the Contour 50:60 rucksack offers exceptional performance and fit. Recommended by DofE and Scouts, because of its brilliantly designed Quick Adjust back system, this rucksack allows the user to customise for a perfect fit on a wide range of back lengths. The feature packed Contour backpack balances great value with top quality design and construction.

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Vango Latitude 300 Sleeping Bag

Perfect for youth group expeditions and beyond; Latitude punches well above it's weight with a host of additional features designed to increase warmth. Look out for Thermal Reverb, Thermal Embrace and it's temperature regulating Helix Insulation among it's many features designed to enhance it's thermal capacity and keep pack size to a minimum.

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Vango Trek 3 Compact Sleeping Mat

The Trek sleeping mat range is the perfect choice when durability, strength and affordability are paramount. The small pack size and light weight are ideal features when you need to carry your bed on your back while the robust fabric and valve system are perfect for the rugged outdoors.

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