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Force Travel Adapter


This handy worldwide travel adapter means you only ever need this one adapter no matter where you are going in the world. 

The plastic case means you can keep it protected so you’ll never need to buy another. This means it’s cost effective for you and great news for the environment. 

Our adapter may seem more expensive than your everyday day one so let us just explain. It can be used worldwide and has 2 USB ports, comes with a plastic zip case and our outer packaging is made from recyclable cardboard not the usual plastic. This teamed with us encouraging you to invest in travel products that are good quality and can be re-used for years means it’s an investment and you’re helping the environment. Look after your stuff, don’t leave it in a hostel! 


  • Worldwide compatible adapter
  • No need to take more than one adapter this allows you to charge anywhere in the world
  • Slide in and out plugs to keep it compact and protected
  • 2 USB ports where 2 devices can be charged simultaneously
  • USB output max 1000 mA DC5V
  • Free zip case included to protect it from getting damaged and stop dirt or sand going in the holes. 
  • Protects your electronics from spikes and surges
  • Look after your stuff and help the environment 
  • One year warranty included