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When BXM Expeditions was first created in 2010, Founder, Ben Maxfield made DofE trips as affordable as possible and to this day he has never taken a salary for his work. His aim was to bring down the financial greed on what he believed was an inaccessible market for many children.

Over the years we have put through tens of thousands of young people through their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award who might not have been able to afford it elsewhere. We have even opened our own online store with reduced prices to assist in all aspects of expedition costs. However the saddest part for us is that we still feel there are people missing out. So, we created BXM Inspired, a charity to help those who need support financially. Now, we know accepting financial support doesn’t come naturally and so we don’t want anyone to feel bad. If you're an individual who can’t afford some gear or even the expedition itself then we can help and here is how….

Find the form below that suits who you are and fill it in. We will assess with our trustees and get back to you within a few days.

1. We do want children to be brave if they can and fill in the application participants form: these forms are prioritised above any others, all they have to do is tell us how they might help someone else one day…. We like to know that kindness breeds kindness.

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2. Parents who don’t want to tell their children they need financial support, we get it, unfortunately it is the hardest for us to process so please fill out the parent form and tell us what you need and a little about why the outdoors will be important for your child. 

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