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First Ascent

The First Ascent programme sees students led on a mountain walk to the top of Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales. It is designed for primary school students in years 5 and 6.


Our experienced instructors have created an in-depth programme to introduce key outdoor skills and values to young people. The programme consists of learning about navigation, creating and using a map along with learning how to trust each other and manage risk.

The entire year group will be led up Snowdon by our experienced DofE instructors whilst being taught about the geography and geology of a real mountain range.

Our skilled and qualified staff will differentiate the learning and walking to ensure each individual reaches their full potential.

We are able to cater for disabled students on this trip.

This is a unique expedition which mixes an unforgettable experience with education.

Kit list

You will need most items on this list. You don’t have to buy them from us (but you can if it helps).

Item NeededSome adviceIn our shop?
1 pair walking boots (broken in)Over the ankle, good grip and laces
2 pairs walking socksWool is a good material, do not spend too much
2 base layers (sleeves dependant
on weather)
From t-shirts to sports tops. Thin, no collar is advised. For long sleeve, look for thermal attributes. NO Cotton
2 micro fleece tops or softshell jackets. Thin fleeces are better than thick ones for regulating heat. Softshell jackets block the wind well.
2 walking trousers (warm, NOT jeans)sports trousers, zip off trousers, shorts in good weather. Please ensure your child has trousers as their legs need to be covered during walks. Shorts are fine if the weather is warm for around the campsite.
UnderwearNo description needed
NightwearMake sure its comfy and snuggly.
Flip-flops/ sandals etc
(optional for evenings)
For running around the camp and general wear while not walking.
Warm hat &/or sunhat (as appropriate)Hats are important, everyone likes to see different hats. Available
1 pair gloves If you suffer from cold fingers, Mittens are better.Available
1 pair shorts (if appropriate)Weather dependant.
Sun-cream or sunblock (if appropriate)Please make sure you have this if the weather looks sunny.
Waterproof over-trousersA cheap pair is adequate. They are very useful even in good weather to block wind when wearing shorts.
Jacket (waterproof & windproof)A good hood (with wire is advisable) and TAPED SEAMS. Breathable attributes are really advisable at Silver and Gold level. Keywords – Waterproof zip, storm flap, Gore-tex.
Buff or neckscalfA crucial bit of kit, available at a great price direct with BXM Expeditions on the website..
WatchDigital is better
Head Torch Head Torch or chest torch only please. Available
Spare batteries for your head torch
Water bottle (2 Litres)You need to bring two 1 litre bottles filled with water on arrival day. In extreme hot weather, you should bring three. Available
Knife, fork, spoonOr a SporkAvailable
COMPASSNot essential but fun to use while learning to navigate.
Mess TinYou will need to cook in this and eat out of it so metal with a handle. Available via the BXM Expeditions website.Available
Wash kit/personal hygiene items
(some items could be shared as a group)
TowelSMALL travel towelAvailable
Rucksack This is a small day sack to be used when walking to carry water, lunch, waterproofs and essentials.
Sleeping Mat Foam ones are fine, self inflating are a little more comfortable.
Sleeping bagMust be 3 season. Avoid down fills. Look for a comfort temperature 3 Degrees or lower.
Small overnight bag. (Your child should be able to carry this) Not too big but not too small. Your child should be able to pack their own clothes and equipment back into this bag at the end pf the trip. . To hold the children’s clothing, nightwear, towel, toothbrush etc. Please don’t send the children’s clothes in the rucksack they will need to use while out walking. They don’t need to carry this during the day. Please ensure this is NOT a suitcase.

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First Ascent