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Most memorable DofE expedition

When I think of the most memorable DofE expedition I don’t think of the time when the weather was excellent and the team were getting everything right. For me, my most memorable DofE expedition was when the weather was not so good and the team had a particularly challenging time.

The weather consisted of heavy rain and moderate wind for the entire expedition. This made supervision and general administration particularly difficult. The teams had to adjust quickly to these challenging conditions and being a practice expedition in wild country they had little experience with conditions such as this.

Navigation was challenging and required absolute concentration and the need to be focused at all times. Once the groups arrived to camp the weather continued to be a challenge, tent pitching and cooking was difficult but all teams persevered and succeed with their tasks.

Although the expedition itself sounds a chore and a struggle the value and number of lessons learnt by the participants was incredible. There is no simple way to quantify the sheer number of skills everyone on this expedition learned, both instructors and participants.

The important thing here is to remember that no one was ever in danger and everyone had a good time despite thinking at times, in the moment, they did not enjoy it. Once they had finished and took off their wet clothing all participants displayed grins from ear to ear. They had achieved something that many others would not be able to achieve.

DofE allows participants of all ages and backgrounds to be immersed in an experience second to none. They learn how to be self-disciplined, work in a team and independently, persevere with difficult tasks and to face up to things they don’t want to do. All the while they become a more well-rounded and capable individual able to face the ever changing world with a new perspective and fresh outlook on life and how to deal with it both personally and professionally.

The Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award is an award that doesn’t discriminate but differentiates you from others, provides skills otherwise you would not have and gives you an experience you will never forget rain or shine.

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