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Walking and camping

At BXM Expeditions we have been involved in the outdoors for years and pride ourselves on being able to give sound and honest advice to anyone looking to reach the hills or the mountains.

Whether you’re heading out on a multi-day gold expedition in the Scottish mountains or an overnight bronze expedition in Cheddar gorge we have got you covered.

No matter where you’re going you need to make sure your kit is kept dry and your bag is full of everything you need. Below you’ll find a video on how to pack your rucksack for a walking expedition. If your bag is packed in this way you’ll be sure to have an fun and safe expedition.

Make sure you check all your kit before you go. Make sure that your batteries on your head torch work and that your compass needle is pointing the right way. Double checking things like how many pairs of socks you have and that you have remembered your spork will make for a much more enjoyable experience.

Top 10 kit items

Here we’re going to outline our top 10 items you just can’t live without on a The Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award expedition.

1: Head torch (Yugen Explore)

Never under estimate the value of a head torch over a hand-held torch. Free hands mean easy tent pitching in the dark and a much freer range of movement around the campsite and within your tent. Don’t forget your spare batteries!

This item is available in our shop.

2: A Spork (Yugen Explore)

A spork is a lightweight all in one knife fork and spoon. There’s no need for heavy duty metal cutlery. This lightweight alternative does the job well to keep you fuelled all expedition long.

This item is available in our shop.

3: Dry Bags – (Yugen Explore)

These handy pieces of gear will keep your equipment bone dry and ready for an emergency. You can also use rubble bags or bin liners as a money saving alternative both do the same job and you’ll be grateful for that warm dry fleece at the end of a cold rainy day.

4: Chocolate – (Dark is best)

Chocolate is a morale booster and team happiness saver. The bundle bars of joy will give you a little boost and get you back on track should you need it. Dark chocolate is best as it melts at a higher temperature than milk or white meaning even on those hot summer days (unlikely) your best friend won’t melt.

5: Flip-flops

These fabulous toe-airing foot beds provide you with comfort and a homely feel to the end of your expedition day. Even in the rain flip flops are essential to giving your feet some time out of your walking boots. Super lightweight and much more packable than a pair of trainers this footwear means you won’t be stabbed by a tent peg but you’ll still feel the long grass between your toes.

6: Flint lighter

Flint lighters are much better for lighting your stove than a ‘clicky’ one. If they run out of gas you can still get a spark to light your stove. It also means that if it is windy the spark will still be enough to make the flame for you to cook your scrumptious dinner you learned about on your training.

7: A Trowel (Plastic is best)

When nature calls its time to dig a hole and bury everything. Only essential on Gold when wild camping a plastic trowel is lightweight and easy to carry.

8: Zinc-Oxide Tape

This wonderful roll will keep your feet blister-free. If your feeling hot-spot coming on then take your boot off and cover the are in zinc-oxide tape to avoid blisters. Do this sooner rather than later to ensure the risk is minimised.

9: Gloves or Mittens & Bobble Hat (Yugen explore)

Gloves or mittens are especially ‘handy’ in the colder months but are essential on every expedition. They’re great for regulating temperature and keeping you warm. A bobble hat goes a long way in keeping you warm while looking cool too.

These items are available in our shop.

10: A pack of cards

Last but not least, a pack of cards is essential for any trip DofE or a trip to your grandma’s cards go everywhere. There is always a game everyone knows and a great opportunity to learn new ones too. When its raining at the campsite and the 4 walls of your tent are the only thing you can see this item will alleviate boredom and keep morale high.

If you’re after a little extra advice or you’re not quite sure where to get the best gear drop us a line using our contact page or give us a call.