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Kit & advice: CruX

The kit list for The CruX is designed to be straightforward and simple. BXM Expeditons will provide participants with almost everything they need to complete the programme. The only items participants will need are listed below.

It is important that participants do not bring more than one small rucksack with these items in and that they do not bring extra items as there will be nowhere for the team to store it and keep it safe.

Kit list

You will need most items on this list. You don’t have to buy them from us (but you can if it helps).

Item NeededSome adviceIn our shop?
Clothing to sleep in Warm pyjama type clothing. No jeans and no cotton.
Water Bottle2 one litre bottles are best. Available
Baselayer x 2This is the layer that touches your skin. No cotton and long sleeve is best. You will need 2 of these.
Mid layer x 2A midlayer is the layer between your baselayer and outer jacket. This is the layer that keeps you warm. Hoodies are not advisable. Sweatshirts are good. Micro fleeces are best
Walking SocksThese are socks specifically made for walking, not football or sport socks. One pair for each day.
Walking BootsThese are optional.
Sleeping BagThis is optional.
Sleepng bag linerThis is not essential but it is definitely advisable.