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Ben’s Top Expedition Tip – Wet and Dry

I don’t expect people to have much more than two sets of clothes on any expedition. The set they turn up with which I call their ‘WET SET’ (even if it’s a sunny day) and their ‘DRY SET’ which should be in a secure dry bag in their rucksack with no risk of them getting wet. 
How does this help you?
If your ‘WET SET’ gets wet in the day then thats ok. As you get in to your tent at night, get changed in to your ‘DRY SET’ and have a nice warm comfortable night sleep. In the morning, put your ‘DRY SET’ back in your dry bag safely in your rucksack and put your ‘WET SET’ back on.

If it’s a nice day then your wet clothes will dry very quickly with you wearing them and if it is a wet day, your base layers will still dry as a result of your body heat and keep you warm. There is some discomfort with putting wet clothes on in the morning but there is no point you carrying wet heavy clothes and getting a second set wet. This also means you have your ‘DRY SET’ available in an emergency which is an absolute must on any expedition. 

For more information please see our kit video.

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