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First Aid Kit (Yugen): £12:50

A small personal first aid kit is essential and we've found just the one. It comes in a cool case too.

Mess Tin (non stick): £8.50

A non stick mess tin with a click hold handle. Cook in it, eat out of it, pack it with food. An essential piece of kit.

Travel Towel (Yugen): £12.00

This is a lightweight microfibre towel made by Yugen Explore. It measures 75cm by 130cm and will dry in a matter of minutes. An amazing bit of gear for any adventure.

Headscarf/Buff: £5.00

There are over 10 ways to wear a buff. People say this is the most useful garment they ever own. A hat, neck warmer, bandana, the list goes on.

BXM Expeditions

'The Leading UK Expedition providers for schools. Professional, affordable and accessible to all.'

BXM Expeditions was founded by Ben Maxfield, once a DofE manager/coordinator, teacher, Mountaineer and now a consultant/advisor. Ben is passionate about young people being able to access the outdoors regardless of their geographical location, their background, financial or emotional situation. The vision was to change the overpriced outdoor market for young people to allow them to get in to the outdoors safely. Along with his passion for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, he set up the company by working on a number of participants to cost basis, Ben was able to price himself at the lower end of the market with expert knowledge and offer a comprehensive package for schools and individuals.

Today BXM Expeditions is one of the largest expedition companies in the UK and BXM still runs in the same way with the same ethos and values, with over 80 instructors. BXM is the UK's leading company in its field working with schools from all over the country and running expeditions all over Britain from Scotland to the South Coast.

If you want to see how it works then scroll down to the bottom of the page and watch our short introductory video. Before that, meet some of the team, we can't list all 80, but here are some:

Leigh Rose - Logistics manager and Instructor.
Leigh did his Bronze Silver and Gold with Ben, the founder of BXM. Leigh then joined the scholarship program before doing a full time apprenticeship. Leigh has taken on a few roles in the last couple of years but is now settled in his role as Logistics Manager. He books the start, finish and campsite for over 150 expeditions a year, holds relationships with schools and leads a small team to ensure the kit that comes back in is sorted and ready for its next outing. Leigh is loved by all, a Mountain Leader and a keen instructor at all levels.

Andrew Foster - Senior Instructor (Large expedition specialist)
Andrew has been with BXM Expeditions from the start, he specialises in leading large teams of instructors on Bronze expeditions, he has been instrumental in shaping the way BXM runs large trips. One of the most respected members of the team, Andrew will always try his hardest to keep everyone happy and ensure that you get the best out of your expedition.

Philip Wilson - Senior Instructor (Remote expedition Specialist)
An International Mountain Leader Phillip specialises in remote Gold areas and is a very highly skilled individual. If you want to extend your knowledge in anything in the outdoors, Phillip is your guy, as wise as three wise men!

Holly Heath - Instructor and Leader advisor
Holly is as free as a bird as long as she has her van and groups to lead. Holly did her Bronze, Silver and Gold with Ben, the founder of BXM before becoming the first scholarship student to complete her Mountain leader award and at one stage was the youngest female ML in the UK. Holly is now an accomplished instructor and is always happy!

Sean Tidey - Senior Instructor
Sean is not only an outstanding instructor at all levels. He has been key to helping us improve the systems back at the office, with great advice and feedback, Sean is constantly helping us to search for that perfect expedition. A firm but fair instructor, Sean will never let you down and never make mistakes. If you're learning from Sean, you're learning from the best.

Stephen Barker - Senior Instructor
Based in the Peak District, Stephen is a true outdoorsman who has been with us for a few years now. One of the most knowledgeable instructors in the UK and seems to know every where. Whether he is leading a team of instructors on a large Bronze expedition or instructing on a Gold mountainous expedition, he will always go that extra mile.

Marcus Taylor - Senior Instructor
Marcus is a top quality instructor and back in the office he is known as 'the man who saves the day'. At times we have needed people to change where they are going in the country with not much notice and Marcus has always been there. A keen outdoorsman in all areas, Marcus is smart and as fit as a fiddle. ask him anything and he will have the answer.

Helen Wilson - Instructor
One of the nicest and most efficient women you will ever have the privilege of meeting. A skilled individual. Helen specialises in remote Gold expeditions and being mother to anyone around.

Simon Wilkinson - Instructor
Mr Calm, Simon is as calm as a cucumber. You may never meet a more interesting man than Simon so take advantage of it and ask him about the world. One of the most respectful skilled instructors, Simon has been with us for 3 good years now.

Matt Ball - Instructor
Matt is passionate about the outdoors, having been with BXM a few years now, Matt is a hardworking and focussed individual, always willing to put more time in. He can work on any expedition in any area and as you can see from his picture, Matt is a very caring guy always willing to help in any way he can.

Laura Harris - Instructor
Laura is incredibly hard working and passionate about the outdoors. Always determined to make sure participants are well trained, prepared and having fun. Full of optimism and a positive attitude towards every day. Laura is an outstanding instructor.

Mark Harratt - Instructor
Everyone always wants to work with Mark, even on your worst expedition days, Mark will have a positive attitude, Mr Happy knows his stuff and will inspire you to love the outdoors, even in the rain!

Charlotte Arnold - Leader (Scholarship Instructor)
Charlotte is one of our youngest instructors and is currently on our scholarship program. She helps out wherever she can and is a really keen teacher. If you have any questions, her knowledge is fresh and her enthusiasm is on top of the world.

Nick Llewellyn - Instructor
One of the most enthusiastic instructors at BXM, Nick is the friendliest man, found in Wales most of the time. A true lover of the outdoors and by the end of your expedition, you will see why all the instructors want to work alongside him. Takes more pictures than the paparazzi and an all round Mr nice guy.

Jerome Cooper - Instructor
Jerome is one of our most qualified members of staff and we are proud to announce this year he worked incredibly hard to achieve his Mountain Instructor Award certificate. Jerome has his own climbing business based in the Lake District working from his beloved van.

Kelly Evans - Instructor
Kelly is a superstar, whether she is working with 7 students or 100, Kelly has it covered. Experienced, dynamic and a lovely manner. She is a great team player and is a master of many outdoor activities.

Andy Wagstaff - Instructor
Andy is an instructor everyone wants to work with. 26 years in the Navy and stories to go alongside. Andy has never been forgotten by any of his groups and has built a positive working relationship with all of his groups. Calm, and hard working whatever the weather.

Stuart Burns - Instructor
Stuart is the epitome of the word outdoorsman. a true gent and great humour. Stuart works hard to keep everyone smiling and never stops himself. No challenge is too much and no activity is boring. Often known as Mr Enthusiastic. Stuart is from Edinburgh but now lives in South Wales.

Simon Bluer - Instructor
Simon is new to BXM Expeditions this year but what an impact he has had. Simon lives in the heart of North Wales or out of his huge Yellow Van. I'm not sure you will meet anyone who loves the outdoors as much as Simon. Bundled with energy, enthusiasm and knowledge. Simon is a top instructor and we are lucky to have him on board.

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