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The CruX is designed to help under achieving boys in Year 9 and 10 who have lost hope, or are stuck in a cycle with no ambition, no aspiration and a lack of motivation on a level that affects their behaviour.

'Imagine if we all realised that whatever decision we made would INSPIRE others. What if our EXPECTATION was that we would succeed if we worked for it. All we really need is a little ASPIRATION.'

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Who designed this?

BXM Expeditions is a large school expedition company founded by Ben Maxfield, a Mountaineer, Leadership teacher, ex-Head of year who started his career in a special EBD school. Having left this role to work for the preventative team in the Youth Offending Team, Ben wrote an Anger Management and Emotional Literacy program that was used in England by the Youth Offending Service. Now a consultant and public speaker, this project is run by Ben himself under a BXM expedition.

What actually happens?

Teams of 4 will work with a Mountain Leader and take on a 48 hour expedition where they will go up and over Tryfan, not only the most exciting Mountain in the UK but also a mountain they will have to work as a team to conquer. They will tackle this tough scrabble with their leader before descending the other side to a wild camp at the base of Mount Snowdon; the highest mountain in Wales. They will then go up and over this incredible peak to their finish point. Instructors have been trained and selected uniquely to help inspire and install certain values in the team; taking responsibility, setting life targets, staying focussed, determined and motivated. They will complete challenges along the way designed to start to change the individuals mindset.

Does this seem like a reward?

No, far from it. This should be something students want to do and should work for it. Schools are encouraged to ask teams to raise some of the money needed. We want to set the individuals achievable targets throughout the process. Our aim is to change a students mind set, we want them to ultimately do better at school, we want them to want to work for something and this may mean helping them change their own expectations first.

What is the School's commitment?

We would need a link member of staff who could potentially suport some fundraising, we would also need the group dropped off and picked up. An on-call member of staff is also mandatory. We do not require a member of staff to stay in the area although they are welcome, seeing the boys in camp is often an exctiting time for them to tell someone about their day.

How much does it cost?

The full package including the 4 days is £250 per student (£1000 per team). Our Mountain Leader ratios are very high and any extra money raised or left over will be donated to Mountain Rescue or Climbers Aganist Cancer; each team can decide this.

Injuries or Drop Outs

We want to be realistic about who can achieve this - it is ideal if students have a bleep test result from their PE department and we welcome this as a before and after, but it is not essential. Ultimately they are a team, an injury can't be helped but if an individual wants to drop out then the team is responsible for ensuring they stay motivated into continuing.

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