bxm expeditions BXM are an outdoor challenge company running expeditions to wilderness environments.



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BXM are an outdoor challenge company running expeditions to wilderness environments.

BXM Expeditions was once started by Ben Maxfield, a DofE manager/coordinator, teacher, consultant and mountaineer. Ben is very passionate about children being able to access the outdoors regardless of their geographical location, their background, financial or emotional situation. His vision was to change the market for children getting in to the outdoors, along with his passion for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award he set up the company by working on a number of participants to cost basis, Ben was able to price himself at the lower end of the price bracket with expert knowledge and offer a comprehensive package for schools and individuals.

BXM was launched and took off quicker than anyone had imagined. Today BXM Expeditions is one of the largest expedition companies and Ben is still involved with the running. However, he doesn't take a wage from it. For Ben, BXM Expeditions is based on ethos and not profit, he earns his money from doing some really interesting work in kit development for Go Outdoors. Leigh and Holly are at the forefront of ensuring BXM Expeditions continues to deliver what it set out to do. Holly (part time) now 19 and Leigh (full time) now 18, did their Bronze, Silver and Gold expedients with Ben himself so know exactly what the company is about. you can contact either of them on the following addresses. Leigh@bxmexpeditions.co.uk or Holly@bxmexpeditions.co.uk.

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